Dec. 27th, 2009

Update 07

Dec. 27th, 2009 10:41 am
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Since Clover by CLAMP is still a favorite series of mine, I've opted to reopen one of my earliest (and therefore rather.... aggressively wordier) fanshrines. It wouldn't be right not to have these two represented just because they already have a fanlisting.

site: Short Circuit
Gingetsu & Ran fanshrine
version: 1.5

"1.5" is something of an arbitrary number. What I've actually done is taking the image used in that original layout 7+ years ago, changed the colors to match the current Clover sites, and completely recoded the whole thing. (The original was a complex series of frames, wonky text edits, and javascript. I've also pared down the babbling... if only slightly.

site: Cages or Wings?
Clover collective
version: 1

And then for good measure I've made a landing page for these sites, plus one upcoming because I feel as though I should throw up a little info on the series in general. Fairly pointless, but I like the organization.

I promise this will be the last black and white layout for a while, they just had to match.


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