Update 05

Nov. 25th, 2009 01:05 am
synergy: (. . . oops?)
A quick note to anyone who has my Dreamhost journal friended: I have ported my Inksome entries over, changed the look, and am going to be using it as my website updates journal from now on. If you would prefer not to read the journal from now on, I'll understand. This wasn't my intent, but Inksome seems likely to go under any time now.

I also made and backdated a few updates, as I'd fallen really behind on this.

site: Extra Ordinary
Sawa Rakan fanlisting
version: 1.0

Silver Diamond isn't a much-recognized series out in the online manga community, but I love it, and I was happy to see that there wasn't a fanlisting for my favorite character yet. That layout apparently looks pretty hideous when shrunken down to 200 pixels, but I quite like the real thing.

I also updated Chasing The Soles of Your Shoes with over a hundred members thanks to the help of previous owner Nekoi Echizen. Nice.

And now I really need to update the main site again, everything won't fit on the current layout.


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