update 15

Sep. 21st, 2010 03:42 pm
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Oof. I've been horrible about noting my updates here . . . worse than I thought I was, in fact. I guess I only bragged about some of these listings on my personal journal o7;;

site: Under Your Skin
Himura Rikuou fanlisting
version: 1.0

My number one kill-for fanlisting, given to me by the generous Saya. Anyone who knows me know that I love this series and this character, so there's really no need to belabor the point. I deliberately set this site up to be quite large, with a simple enough layout that I can keep adding new pages as I have time to babble about Rikuou and CLAMP . . . but all the gaps still need filling in at this point. And I know, it's black and white again. Some images are too perfect at they are to color.

site: I'd Spill My Heart for You
Touda/Tsuzuki Asato fanlisting
version: 1.0

What, I applied for another Yami no Matsuei fanlisting? Shock!

Well . . . yes and no. I love web design, I show my love through web design, and I am fortunate enough to have a partner who understands that. So when I said 'hey! pick out some FLs you'd like to own and I'll run them for you! on that domain I bought you that you will probably never use!', she graciously obliged me by at least pretending to like the idea. This is the first (well, kind of the second. Rikuou's fanlisting is hosted on her domain as well but he is unequivocally mine.) fanlisting we were approved for.

Tsuzuki and Touda have very little on-page time together that isn't SD, covered by speech bubbles, or full of fiery death, so this layout is a combination of panels with some spruced-up shading to make them mesh better.

site: Through The Heart
Franz d'Epinay fanlisting
version: 1.0

This was a challenge! I love Gankutsuou, but the animation style is aggressive to say the least, and very difficult for me to turn into a layout that wasn't the simplest of tables with a nice plain header. Rather than back down from a challenge, I decided to try something new, and this side-scrolling layout was the result. I'm a little worried that the images are too subsumed by the color, but you can't say I'm repeating myself here.

update 14

Apr. 29th, 2010 02:25 pm
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site: Beautiful Disaster
Kunogi Himawari/Watanuki Kimihiro fanlisting
version: 1.0

Another adoption. I have a major soft spot for Himawari, and really didn't want to see this pair's listing close. Layout-wise it's something a little different for me, since I usually try to make the 'bleed' of an image meet cleanly with the background, but really couldn't do that with this panel. Even as-is, I had to recreate a section of Himawari's hair. (Between her and Oruha, this is becoming old hat.) The way I colored the image definitely owes a debt of gratitude to [livejournal.com profile] ghostduster's beautiful icons.

site: Legion
Legion of Super-Heroes fanlisting
version: 1.0

Next time, a layout that is not pale yellow, purple and pink! No, really...

This was supposed to be a much bigger and more informative site, but life got in the way. I do hope to be able to add more content later, but now it's only a fanlisting. Still, I think it... definitely says something that I was able to pull out comics from all three series 'boots and scan them up on the fly. Obviously still favorite comic book series. Which is lucky for me because my father would disown me if not. (Yes. Really.)

update 13

Apr. 5th, 2010 10:54 am
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site: Make It Live
The Secret Garden (Musical) fanlisting
version: 1.0

I don't intend to make a habit of collecting fanlistings for underrepresented musicals I love, because if I did I'd have a collective of thousands in no time. But The Secret Garden is a show I've always felt deserved a longer life than it had, and most definitely falls into the childhood sweethearts category for me. It also has one of my favorite logo designs, and I tried to keep very true to that in creating this simple website. (I will say that as much as I love the fanlisting/fanshrine combination, it's kind of nice to pick a topic that doesn't need any explanation. It means I can mess around with the setup a bit.)

Update 12

Mar. 22nd, 2010 12:01 pm
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A very happy birthday to [livejournal.com profile] decacerata. So glad I'm poking you on aim again, honey ♥

site: The Seeds of Love
Sawa Rakan/Senroh Chigusa fanlisting
version: 1.0

I really do not intend to keep doubling up on the fanlistings for all the series I love, but when Myka said she would be closing this one down if she didn't find a new owner, I jumped at it. The adoption process took a while, so this is the "real" layout #19 I mentioned in my last post. I like it! Yay for footer text!

site: Glass Houses
Adolescence Mokushiroku (Utena: the movie) fanlisting
version: 1.0

Also unintentional: making this many Utena Movie layouts in such a short amount of time. Thinking back, this movie has probably already pulled 5 or 6 old layout designs out of me anyway. No more! This one was fun though. I enjoy the classiness of a simple table.

Update 11

Feb. 27th, 2010 11:24 pm
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site: In Revolution Network
collective web domain
version: 3.0

I am so happy with this layout. I know that it was two months in the making and that's a long time for such a little collective, but I put a lot of thought into every element, and I couldn't be more pleased with the result. This is exactly what I want my domain to look like. There's a fair amount of different script use going on in here, but hopefully it all integrates together well.

In exactly a week, in-revolution.net will be a year old. When I think about the fact that I used to change my domain's layouts twice a month, it feels kind of absurd to only be on v3 here. On the other hand, this is the 20th layout I've done this year (one of them I haven't been able to premiere yet, but it's in the wings), which means I am still making more than a layout a month. I'm content with that.

It didn't come out quite as much of a twin to the fanlistings collective as I had originally planned, but it is still Utena themed and as for the rest that's a sacrifice I'll gladly make.

  • in addition, I finally fixed the colorization issues Ampersand was having, and Fools for Love actually has a text-filled "about" page now.
  • Update 10

    Feb. 15th, 2010 04:50 pm
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    site: Starshine
    Tsukishiro Yukito fanlisting
    version: 1.0

    REALLY was not expecting to be approved for both of the CCS fanlistings I applied for, but I'm not complaining! This was a fairly quick layout, but I had a lot of fun trying to make something bright and kind of whimsical without being a repeat of the Touya/Yuki FL.

    I've also added new affiliates to several of the other listings!

    Update 09

    Jan. 17th, 2010 07:01 pm
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    site: Ampersand
    Betty Draper fanlisting
    version: 1.0

    My first thefanlistings listing, and likely to be one of few because it is such a huge database to wade through. Betty's a pretty love-her-or-hate-her character, and at some point I'd like to talk a little bit about why I love her, but for the moment I'm very happy with the minimalist design of this site, which means not much text is involved. I especially enjoy the ampersand smoke cloud. ...but that's enough bragging I think.

    Update 08

    Jan. 13th, 2010 12:21 pm
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    site: My Most Important Person
    Kinomoto Touya & Tsukishiro Yukito fanlisting
    version: 1.0

    I am incredibly excited (and surprised!) to have been chosen to run the Touya/Yuki fanlisting. CCS was one of the first CLAMP series to achieve major recognition in the US, helped and hurt by a rather restrictive dub, I feel. But even missteps like that serve a purpose, and this is one of those 'vintage' pairings that I expect a whole lot of anime fans grew up with. They also have one of the sweetest relationships CLAMP has ever created, totally lovable in their own right.

    Despite the fact that I'm thrilled to have it really saddens me that whatever fanbase was on this listing has now disappeared. In general I don't care that much about the numbers, but I do hope people join this one.

    Update 06

    Dec. 17th, 2009 05:12 pm
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    site: The Constant Satellite
    Fanlisting Collective
    version: 1.0

    Since I spend so much time on them, I've set up a fanlistings collective. The layout is exactly the kind of web design I'm interested in right now: textual, graphic, simple, and hopefully very easy to read through without losing my personal taste. There will be a related layout up at the main site soon.

    Now to join some fanlistings that aren't my own...

    Update 05

    Nov. 25th, 2009 01:05 am
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    A quick note to anyone who has my Dreamhost journal friended: I have ported my Inksome entries over, changed the look, and am going to be using it as my website updates journal from now on. If you would prefer not to read the journal from now on, I'll understand. This wasn't my intent, but Inksome seems likely to go under any time now.

    I also made and backdated a few updates, as I'd fallen really behind on this.

    site: Extra Ordinary
    Sawa Rakan fanlisting
    version: 1.0

    Silver Diamond isn't a much-recognized series out in the online manga community, but I love it, and I was happy to see that there wasn't a fanlisting for my favorite character yet. That layout apparently looks pretty hideous when shrunken down to 200 pixels, but I quite like the real thing.

    I also updated Chasing The Soles of Your Shoes with over a hundred members thanks to the help of previous owner Nekoi Echizen. Nice.

    And now I really need to update the main site again, everything won't fit on the current layout.

    Update 04

    Nov. 6th, 2009 07:40 pm
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    Again: I am backdating a set of updates I did prior to a vacation and a certain amount of chaos in my workplace after my return. It's a little extensive, so I'll break it up into two parts!

    site: Fools For Love
    Ryuu F. Kazuhiko & Oruha fanlisting
    version: 1.0

    I have been incredibly lucky, and was given permission to build another CLOVER fanlisting. I'm very happy with the layout, though it's another black and white. This relationship is one of the most bittersweet (and. well. undoubtedly the hottest) in the series. Again, I've created an info section, but there is nothing in it as of yet. I'm considering marrying this and Outlast together with a few more mini sites to make my own Clover Project, but that's for the future.

    site: Chasing The Soles of Your Shoes
    Fuji Syusuke & Fuji Yuuta fanlisting
    version: 1.0

    Funny story, this. Six years ago, I was the first person to be approved for this fanlisting. A little over a year later, life and my own inattention meant that I lost my entire fanlisting collective. I was thrilled to see something I'd once owned and loved put back up for the taking! Hopefully this time I will be a better webmistress.Fo This layout was a DELIBERATE insistence on a little color for once.

    Update 03

    Oct. 15th, 2009 06:32 pm
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    I am backdating a set of updates I did prior to a vacation and a certain amount of chaos in my workplace after my return. It's a little extensive, so I'll break it up into two parts!

    site: In Revolution Network
    collective web domain
    version: 2.0

    Dissatisfied with the clutter of my first domain layout (and the lack of sites to fill it with), I threw up this 'semi-hiatus' layout directly before leaving for France. The theme, appropriately, is the Art Nouveau work of Mucha. Actually, that self contained header is the reuse of a layout I never published-- my original idea for In Revolution 1.0. It's recycling!

    site: At The End of Obsession
    Naoe Nobutsuna & Oogi Takaya fanlisting
    version: 1.0

    Note to self: never apply for a fanlisting if you don't have the image resources to complete it. While I'm quite pleased with the finished layout, it was a PAIN to take low-quality screencaps and turn them into something meaningful. But actually, the cigarette scene is one of my favorites in the Mirage of Blaze anime, so it worked out.

    site: Together Against The Kids
    Kakei & Saiga fanlisting
    version: 1.0

    Ah Lawful Drug, one of my longest-held manga loves, and tied for my favorite of all CLAMP's works. I'm thrilled to have the fanlisting for one of the two main pairs in the series (and really, the canon one.) This layout is VERY simple but I'm not dissatisfied with it. I wasn't looking for this panel when I opened my LD books, but it's a perfect expression of the characters. I couldn't flip past it.

    site: Outlast
    Ryuu F. Kazuhiko fanlisting
    version: 1.0

    And here is my other favorite CLAMP series putting in an appearance. CLOVER has truly beautiful artwork and layouts, and I've tried to stay true to that simplicity in this website. This fanlisting actually has an information section, shock. And I'd like to add more in the future, maybe even make this a shrine. I think it's necessary to lay out the facts, because CLOVER as a series has so very little explained. And Kazuhiko, as the character that almost all the action pivots around, is the perfect starting place. Not that I don't love him for himself.

    UPDATE 01

    Apr. 23rd, 2009 12:25 pm
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    And away we go. This is my first time using this journal for its new intended purpose. (Yes, I am absolutely lazy enough to not want to make my own blog when I can use a service like inksome.) I'm still sort of feeling my way back towards web design and vanity site owning, so these are more... tentative forays than actual sites. Enjoyable, though!

    Two months ago I caved to the impulse to buy a new domain. After which I realized how ridiculously behind the times my web skills had fallen. But after a lot of reading up and messing around, I've come up with a collective site I can... work with for now, at least. A lot of the elements of this design are just me saying "ha! look what I couldn't do three years ago!" But I'm okay with that.

    site: In Revolution Network
    cellective web domain
    version: 1.0

    At the same time as I bought the domain, I put requests in for a couple of fanlistings. I used to pop sites like these out all the time, they're fun, they're easy, and they can turn into very nice little shrines with some extra work after the fact. I also wanted to finally master enthusiast. Little did I know that enth3 would make my task ridiculously easy. Anyway. I wanted to do something new, so I picked a series I didn't even know of when I was last making listings.

    site: Low Place Like Home
    Sleeping Forest fanlisting
    version: 1.0

    ...then I got nostalgic. And lucky. The first fanlisting I ever owned was for this series, though not for the same pair. I really don't like this layout though. The concept works for me but the execution just doesn't. I may try and tweak it later.

    site: Pay So Dearly
    Tatsumi/Tsuzuki fanlisting
    version: 1.0

    And of course, this journal. I had originally intended to just use this layout, which is a lovely premade journal layout I would have been perfectly happy with (I really love her work!) But some of the coding didn't translate properly from livejournal to inksome. And since the designer has said that if you're comfortable with revisions you can make them, I turned it into something new.

    site: Synergy@Inksome
    update journal
    version: 1.0

    This all still feels a little jury-rigged to me. But it'll do.